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There is a lot of information

What is relevant, what is useful, what are the best sources?

In the digital age, there is no longer a monopolisation of knowledge by a few. We generate a huge quantity of data and have access to an equally vast amount. In order for data to become information and thereby knowledge and understanding, it is necessary to interact and work together in networks.

I therefore always work, according to the task at hand, flexibly with a variety of people and organisations, all of which have particular features that will be beneficial for their success.


Adapt2Digital is a UK based organisation that has been supporting the development of effective leadership in a digital age since 2013. Working all over the world, the customer base includes the private sector, government, not for profit, education and start-ups.

The core team is supported by a growing number of certified practitioners globally – like me – who are able to help leaders and leadership teams with digital transformation.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is a rapid and powerful means of aligning teams to be more effective. It adds clarity, engagement and ownership, and it takes out conflict, cost and risk! Research based it focuses exclusively on building better shared mental models between people as the key for increasing organisational effectiveness.

As a certified facilitator I am excited about using a modern, simple but powerful tool and benefit from the great team that stands behind all of that.


Achieve more, faster, easier! At work and in private life! Who does not want that! The strength compass is a really great instrument for achieving this: easy to use, digital as we want it to be today, based on positive psychology! Working on weaknesses, as we have been urged for decades, makes us at most average compared to those who have a talent for something. Therefore, I would like to offer something different to all of my clients - as an individual, as a team or as an entire organisation. Namely, the chance to use the perhaps as yet undiscovered strengths in our digital world that lie dormant in all of us. With the strength compass, you will definitely succeed! I am therefore very happy to be able to offer this tool as a "certified" expert.


New research by Prof. Olivier Sibony (HEC Paris, Associate Fellow of Saïd Business School at Oxford University) shows that with undetectable cognitive biases even the best qualified leaders, with the best intentions, often make sub-optimal decisions. McKinsey studies show that 53% of the success of strategic decisions depend on how well we can filter out the effect of these cognitive biases - using the right ‘decision making architecture’.

CodeBreakers™ worked with Prof. Sibony and transformed his research into a templated business approach, to create the optimal decision making process. Their key message is: We help you to get from better predictions to better decisions to better business results!

Having a strategic alliance with CodeBreakers™ allows my clients to fully benefit from their ground breaking future oriented tools and services.


Wolkenrot is a network of experienced personnel managers and experts from the HR arena. It assists businesses in all areas of human resources and interim personnel management. Wolkenrot also views acting as marketing partner for independent HR professionals in Austria as part of its role. The company has therefore assumed the task of bringing those people together who belong together. The aim is for people to benefit from one another’s strengths.

What fascinates me about working together with Wolkenrot is the diversity and combination of knowledge, experience and new approaches in the field of HR, which are not only used within interim management.

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